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“We had a lot of scratched glass—after the construction phase—inside and outside the building.

The affected glasses were professionally inspected and assessed according to [...] applicable Swiss standards [...].

Glass Wizards MWR AG made appointments with the various owners to grind the affected glass.

All the buyers were satisfied with the results.

Glass Wizards MWR AG offers excellent service, which is to be recommended.

Moreover, after visits by Glass Wizards MWR AG, buyers no longer have anything to discuss with us.

I have been working with Glass Wizards MWR AG for over 10 years and have always been very satisfied.

I recommend Glass Wizards MWR AG wholeheartedly.”

Reto Holzer
Project Manager Structural Engineering
Häberlin Architekten AG
8555 Müllheim

Glass Wizards Überbauung Am Staufenberg, Lenzburg Staufen @ Häberlin Architekten AG

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