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General Terms and Conditions (GTCs) 

1. General 

It is our endeavour to serve you according to your needs and to your fullest satisfaction. Therefore, these GTCs are the basis of a fair customer relationship. By signing a quotation, you agree to the GTCs.

2. Principal 

Anyone who places an order with us on behalf of a third party without being authorised to do so by the third party shall be liable to us as “principal” if the third party does not subsequently approve the order.

3. Binding nature of our offer

Our offer prices are binding in principle. However, if the order is not placed within 90 days of the quotation being issued or if the plans, documents and records submitted for the quotation are supplemented or amended before the order is placed, the quotation shall lose its binding force. The prices in our quotation do not include costs for auxiliary equipment such as scaffolding or lifting platforms.

4. Prices 

Our prices are in CHF and are always exclusive of VAT unless otherwise agreed to in writing. 

5. Terms of payment 

Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, our invoices are due for payment within 30 days of the receipt of the invoice. In the case of offer prices of CHF 3,000 or more, one-third of the payment has be made at the time the order is placed; another one-third of the payment must be made at the time of execution; and the balance must be paid within 30 days of the receipt of the final invoice. Failure to comply with our payment terms will, by default and without a reminder, trigger an interest rate of at least 5% p.a on the pending amount. In the case of offer prices of CHF 3,000 or more, if a partial payment is not made or is not made on time, we shall also be entitled (but not obliged) to declare the total price due and/or to suspend the execution of the order at any time until full receipt of the partial payment in arrears or of the total payment, if any, which has fallen due. Timely payment shall only entitle customers to a discount if, and to the extent that, we have expressly granted it in writing. Any other deduction including any set-off against claims of the principal is excluded.

6. Place of performance/transport 

The place of performance of the repair and refurbishment of glass surfaces is the location of the corresponding glass surfaces. 

7. Warranty 

We guarantee that our repairs and refurbishments of glass surfaces are free of defects at the time of completion. Excluded from this are works for which we have expressly declared in the offer that only an attempt to remedy the defect is possible. We would also like to point out that the weather and light conditions during the repair/refurbishment and its inspection and approval have an influence on the visibility of scratches and defects. Should, for this reason, a defect not have been detected at the time of handover and approval, it will be repaired or corrected free of charge, taking into account Point 7. Any other or further claim—in particular for price reduction, cancellation of the order, or damages—is excluded. Our warranty will expire if the glass surface is subjected to improper treatment (e.g., improper cleaning) after repair/refurbishment has been carried out. When assessing the visual quality of glass for the building industry, we follow the Swiss and Euro glass standards as well as the SIGAB guidelines 006.

8. Defects/complaints 

Defects must be reported in writing within five working days after completion of the repair work or signing of the report by the client or his or her representative; otherwise, the warranty claim will be forfeited.

9. Order changes 

Any change to the project shall be deemed an additional order for which we shall generate a separate invoice according to our usual terms and conditions. The binding nature of agreed execution dates shall lapse due to additional orders or faulty, incomplete, or delayed documents. In this case, we shall endeavour to execute the order as quickly as possible, insofar as, and to the extent that, this is permitted by our capacity and work planning.

10. Acts of God and Force majeure 

In the event of acts of God and force majeure, we shall not be liable for compliance with agreed deadlines. Acts of God include unavoidable events such as natural disasters of any kind: in particular earthquakes, floods, storms, volcanic eruptions, epidemics, and pandemics; and force majeure includes events such as riots, blockades, boycotts, embargoes, hostage-taking, civil war, war, revolution, sabotage, terrorist attacks, strikes (insofar as these occur at a third party), official work bans and company closures for health reasons, etc.

11. Place of jurisdiction 

Our business activities are governed exclusively by Swiss law. The place of jurisdiction is Pfäffikon SZ. 

12. Validity and priority of our GTC

Our offers are always made exclusively on the basis of these GTCs. We do not recognise the general terms and conditions of the client. We, therefore, interpret every order, placed with us in knowledge of our GTCs, irrespective of its deviating wording, as an unconditional agreement to our GTCs.

These GTCs may be amended at any time and without prior notice. Subsequent amendments or additions to these GTCs shall become part of the contract if the customer raises no objection within 30 days of he or she becoming aware of the amended GTCs.

Rietbrunnen 2, 8808 Pfäffikon SZ

GW-SWISS GmbH    Rietbrunnen 2    8808 Pfäffikon SZ    +41 44 915 03 81

GW-SWISS GmbH    +41 44 915 03 81