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The MWR sole proprietorship is founded in Herrliberg.

The MWR sole proprietorship is converted into public limited company.

The company celebrates its 25th anniversary. It is now called “Glass Wizards MWR AG” and gets a new logo.

Zauberstab Schwarz
  • We have specialised in glass-surface repairs for more than 25 years. 
  • Our technicians grind damaged glass professionally on site, saving you expensive replacements of window panes.
  • Firmly anchored in German-speaking Switzerland, we are now expanding into French-speaking Switzerland and Ticino.
Zauberstab Schwarz

Something for story lovers

It all started very small 25 years ago. Here are some milestones and anecdotes.

It began near Meilen, in Herrliberg—in September 1995 to be precise—as a sole proprietorship under the name Andreas Mayer MWR!

Andy Mayer worked in a comestible shop in Erlenbach and decided to go to business school.

To finance his education, he worked at a car rental company in the evenings. He noticed that the windscreens were often scratched or had stone chips.

Resourceful Andy immediately started looking around for solutions.

For the stone-chip problem, he found a synthetic resin mixture under vacuum application. Mind you, this was a method that was almost unknown at the time!

For the problem of the scratches, Andy had to go all the way to America! There he acquired the necessary know-how and obtained the appropriate special material to repair such cases.

Back home in his one-room flat, he tried his solutions on discarded windscreens and refined his technique.

In addition, together with a manufacturer, he even managed to develop his own abrasive, which he now uses exclusively to serve his customers.

In May 2014, the company was converted from an individual MWR company to a public limited company.

In 2020, the company not only celebrated its 25th anniversary, but also gave itself a new name and a new face. Its name was changed to ”Glass Wizards“ with an expressive logo.

With our new name, we are putting the focus on what we do effectively: namely, comprehensive glass-surface repairs. What a quantum leap from the former MWR (Mobile Windschutzscheiben-Reparatur = Mobile Windscreen Repair).

Thanks to Andy Mayer’s innovative spirit, which is also evident in the abrasives he developed himself, Glass Wizards MWR AG maintains its leading position.

As a pioneer in the field of glass-surface repairs, Glass Wizards MWR AG feels obliged to continuously expand its technological lead.

Zauberstab Schwarz

Why an English name?

We have big plans! Glass Wizards MWR AG wants to establish its successful business model abroad as well.


So that the material, to which we give all our attention, is also mentioned in the name.


  • A “wizard” in the sense of a “wise man” has extensive KNOWLEDGE and uses it accordingly.
  • WE possess that sort of KNOWLEDGE when it comes to glass!

GLASS WIZARDS MWR AG    +41 44 915 03 81

GLASS WIZARDS MWR AG    Rietbrunnen 2    8808 Pfäffikon SZ    +41 44 915 03 81

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