© Photo: Marc Dahinden, courtesy of “Der Landbote”

Dear customers and business partners.

The beautiful custom of "Saint Nicholas" is an opportunity to take a critical look back at the past year:

What worked well? On which occasions could we have achieved more? - After all, the glass can always be seen as half full or half empty.

By the way: If your view of things should be clouded by ugly scratches - we should know a suitable address for such cases!

No matter whether "Santa’s bag" or "Santa’s rod": 

With the arrival of colder temperatures, our outdoor glass processing options are somewhat limited again. 

Nevertheless, we are of course prepared to professionally inspect and document your scratched window panes so that we can immediately tackle any repairs later when the temperatures are right.

We wish all our customers and partners a peaceful Advent and Christmas season and a happy New Year!


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