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After 25 years MWR AG becomes Glass Wizards MWR AG and thinks internationally

It was with great pride and joy that we celebrated our 25th anniversary with our customers, partners, employees, friends and family on Thursday, 17 September 2020 in the Schlossturm Pfäffikon.

MWR started very small 25 years ago. The most important milestones in the development of the company, which is a pioneer in the repair of glass surfaces, read like an incredible story of a self-made man who—with a great deal of perseverance and innovative spirit—has made MWR a leading company in its sector. 

It all began very close to Meilen, namely in Herrliberg, in September 1995, as a sole proprietorship under the name of Andreas Mayer MWR. The three letters, MWR, stand for “Mobile Windshield Repair”, but some customers also translate it rather affectionately as “Mayer wird’s richten” (Mayer will fix it)!

Andreas Mayer worked in a comestible shop in Erlenbach and decided to go to business school. To finance his education, he worked at a car-rental company in the evenings. While doing so, he noticed that the windscreens were often scratched or suffered from stone-chip damage. The resourceful tinkerer that he is, Mayer immediately started looking around for solutions. 

For the problem of scratches, Andreas Mayer had to go all the way to America! There he found the right method and the abrasives to repair such damage. Back home, in his one-room flat, he tried out his solutions on discarded windscreens and continuously refined his technique. At a certain point, he even worked with a manufacturer to develop his own abrasive, which he now uses exclusively for his company.

For the stone-chip problem, he finally found what he was looking for in a synthetic resin mixture under vacuum application. Mind you, this was long before other companies began to offer such services! Over time, however, MWR AG has shifted its focus completely to glass-surface repairs for buildings.

Setting sail for new shores

Since Andreas Mayer is always seeking new challenges, he has now decided to make a long-standing dream come true: he wants to expand his business and provide repair services in Japan! While others, due to the Corona pandemic, are being rather cautious or even downsizing, he is thinking big! He is investing in the training of new employees and is even in the process of setting up his own “Glass Academy” for that—an academy from which the company’s partners will also benefit in the future. 

Rebranding after 25 years

All that provides the ideal opportunity for a new name and a new logo after 25 years: a name that meets the demands for the expansion of professional high-quality services internationally. The name focuses on what the company is now and what it effectively accomplishes. During the anniversary celebration, a charming professional magician revealed the big secret of the new name and logo in a rather unique manner. The magician got the guests to provide the individual elements and to put them together at the end of the show to form the new logo: GLASS WIZARDS. 

A “wizard” is a “magician” in the sense that he (or she) is a wise man (or woman) and has knowledge that others do not have. So in that sense, GLASS WIZARDS possesses that unique knowledge about glass.

The GLASS WIZARDS at the unveiling of their logo.

Glass Wizards 25 Jahre Firmenjubiläum und Enthüllung des neuen Logos
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